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Don't just take my word for it... here is social proof

As a hypnotherapist & coach, I’m passionate about helping others and guiding them into a new phase of their lives. I work hard on developing a personal, open and transparent relationship with my clients, and what they say about my services is incredibly important to me. Read the testimonials below to get an idea of the experiences that past clients have had with my services, and get in touch with me today.

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Where do I start.... amazing experience words can not express the weight that’s been lifted, the complete peace I now feel. With my new positive mindset I know I have the tools to conquer anything. Nev is truely amazing at what he does, totally professional with no judgement, he has a beautiful heart and soul. The world is a much better place for having amazing people like Nev helping people on their quest for inner peace. There will never be enough words to express my gratitude. Eternally grateful

Carol Seidel

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Where do I start, Nev has really changed my life. I was bogged down in grief and sadness since my husbsnd passed away, I knew things had to change. After my first appointment with Nev my mind was clear, it truly is a miracle. It was the best decision I have ever made to get my life back on track, there are no words to describe the feeling of peace. I recommend Nev 100% , if there is anything in your life holding you back from being your complete self go get rid of that baggage, dont carry it around for another 10 years, enjoy life. It is calming and also a bit of fun. Thankyou Nev from the bottom of my heart. Regards Jen

Jenny Irrgang

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 11.27.41 am.png

I have suffered in my own mind for so long. Having anxiety, ptsd, depression and disociation disorder had taken over my life. For years I struggled trying everything from doctors, psychiatrists and counselling not actualy recieving the help I needed. But after one session with Nev I made a massive turn around. Now completed my hypnotherapy with him I feel so incredibly good.
I have become myself again. All those bad things in my head have gone. I can finaly live my life! Im normal again!! Thanks so much for helping me. explode that box Nev!!

Scott Murphy

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 11.28.00 am.png

Well, where do I start! 
Hypnotherapy with Nev has been life changing. 
If you’ve ever considered hypnotherapy wether it be for phobias/ fears/ anything you want to change in your life, don’t hold back- take the leap and take control of your life and improve yourself and take charge of what you want, be proactive in getting the results you want. 

It might seem odd to some but I used to hate loud/ sudden noises like fireworks, thunder and even loud motorcycles going past- I would flinch, block my ears and want to hide! Its totally unconventional to most people, but Nev never judged me/ criticises me. He was just open and helping me and making a change while making the process comfortable and FUN! I’ve had a couple of sessions now over the course of the year and the more you trust and commit to the process the better the results.

The last session I had totally cemented the progress I have made. I used to really panic when a storm was coming/ a chance of storms and even fireworks randomly going off. I don’t panic, I have all the doors and windows open and sit calmly through a storm.  

The last session with Nev we did some timeline therapy that’s been hugely successful for me and he even threw in some new ideas/ methodologies that are really relaxing and also a lot of fun!! You can hear everything Nev is saying, even if you don’t remember every detail.

Recently I was able for the first time in my life to stand outdoors and watch fireworks!! I didn’t want to block my ears like I would have in the past and I couldn’t stop laughing ( obviously joy, but I also had this weird feeling that I was being tickled) Nev had worked that in during hypnotherapy, it might seem random but it does work. I have always been the one to hide away and never truly experience the beauty, excitement and absolute joy of watching fireworks. I was present in the moment. 

I’m now looking forward to the next storm. Thanks Nev

Daniela Vozzo

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 11.44.27 am.png

I've just finished my 3 sessions for anxiety. Before the first session, I honestly couldn't imagine feeling any results, especially after the first session. But to my surprise, I felt amazing. I went on a bit of a high for a few days, which calmed down and still felt really positive. 
Taking a risk, and giving it a go, was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I'm happier, my son is happier, and I can see a really positive future for myself. Absolutely worth the money.

Tash Heintze

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 11.46.11 am.png

I have had a few counselling sessions over the years for stress and have also tried Hypnotherapy before without success. As the stress is now affecting my health I contacted Nev and after talking to him decided to try Hypnotherapy again. It turns out that 'stuff' from my past was contributing to my stress big time and after the very first session I was amazed at how calm I was and how I was dealing with everyday life so easily. As I said I have had counselling sessions where some of these childhood issues came up but it was always a traumatic experience and never resolved anything. This wasn't the case with my sessions with Nev. Yes, we did deal with these issues but in a safe and very gentle way and I really couldn't believe how easy it was to say goodbye to the fear, grief and sadness surrounding them. Nev is very professional and I loved my sessions with him, it has helped me enormously. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Susan Donohue

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 11.45.58 am.png

My weight has always been an issue for me, I would lose a significant amount of weight only to have it all pile back on. I decided I needed someone to get into my 'head' so to speak and that is when I found Nev. We first spoke on the phone and Nev explained more about NLP and hypnosis which was very helpful and made me confident in booking my first session. I then seen Nev for my first session 6 weeks ago, this also involved some timeline therapy where Nev helped me to let go of the mental baggage I have carried around for a long time, the clarity I feel is absolutely amazing. I felt very relaxed, calm and refreshed by the end of our session. I have lost 9 kilo’s so far and I am 100% certain that I will lose the rest of my weight and keep it off! Thank you Nev for your help and I look forward to our next session :) - If you are thinking about seeking help for you're own issue(s) I highly recommend Nev, he is awesome!

Sandy Fleming

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 11.44.13 am.png

I found my hypnotherapy session with Nev to be a positive and professional experience. I was aware and comfortable through out the process and could not recommend hypnotherapy with Nev highly enough.
With Nevs help I am now a non-smoker, I have not had or needed to smoke since our session. I have more energy and feel more alive and positive in life!

Christie-Lee Ridgen

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 11.40.04 am.png

If you've always been overweight and always been upset about it, have tried every diet and as soon as you stop you gain anything you've lost and a bit more, do hypnosis with Nev.
Even if you know all about exercise and nutrition but for some reason you can't make it work in terms of weight loss, get your head sorted through hypnosis with Nev. 
This is the best thing I have done to understand my weight issues and answered SO many questions I had about myself and the biggest one is that I don't have to be the overweight stocky girl I've always been. I feel so emotionally lighter and lifted, a really heavy yoke has come off my shoulders.
I've lost kilos and cms and know that with my head in the right space now, numbers will continue to fall and importantly, the weight will stay off.
Stop wondering and book in to see Nev, you'll be amazed how much better your life can become.

Annie Schiller

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 11.45.43 am.png

After suffering with various issues from my past and thinking I would have to live with the overwhelming feeling and a racing, full mind for the rest of my life, as well as health issues, claustrophobia and afraid of flying, I thought, what the hell. I will give hypnotherapy a shot. I went and saw Nev for 3 visits and am totally amazed and wish I had done this years ago. I am more relaxed, clear in thought and mind, I am nearly off all depression medication and will be in 2 months time (I have to cut back slowly as I have been on them for many, many years), have halved my blood pressure medication, AND have booked a plane flight!!! I look at life more positively and the past is just that, the past. Highly recommend doing this. Thanks Nev

Meredith Marschall

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 11.41.10 am.png

After being a smoker for 23 years and numourous attempts at quitting, I was recommended Hypnosis by Nev. I'm currently 10 weeks smoke free, haven't thought about it or wanted one since. I'm healthier and I'm spending more time with my kids rather than outside smoking. Best decision I ever made. I credit Nev to my new way of life. Do it, you won't regret it.

Saara Joyce

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 11.45.23 am.png

Have had one session with Nev because I had tried every other method to quit smoking. Walked out of his room 8 days ago and haven't touched a cigarette since. Don't know how or why it works but if I can do it so can any of you.

Clare Pietsch

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 11.41.33 am.png

Highly recommend Nev! He did tasking and first steps of hypnotherapy for me (couldn't do it fully as we were over skype)
I needed help with anxiety and losing weight. In 3 weeks I have lost 3.5kg! Anxiety is next to nothing! 
He is an amazing person and always puts you at ease! Highly recommend to everybody!

Cassie Beasley

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 11.42.34 am.png

Hypnotherapy well have thought about Hypnotherapy for quite a while but never knew where I could find anyone to give this a go that was until Nev posted he was doing it. I have had one session and was amazed at how relaxed and calm I felt. I think people are concerned about not being in control and doing things that are out of their control this is not how it works. The whole time through my session I knew exactly what was being said and I was the one in control. Came away feeling really relaxed and a lot of things started making sense. I was an emotional eater never knew what my trigger was to become an emotional eater and then on the drive home it hit me when it started. I LOVED chocolate I would stop at the shop on the way home a couple of times a week and buy 2 small blocks of chocolate because in my mind all good they are only 2 small bars but I was in denial. NO MORE DENIAL and thanks to Nev NO MORE CHOCOLATE. Have not had any chocolate or had any cravings for chocolate since my session. I am feeling great and have started to lose weight as well which was why I wanted Hypnotherapy. If anyone is thinking about giving it a go I would tell then go for it. I'm so happy and so looking forward to my next session.

Suzanne Hicks

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 11.43.10 am.png

Well it's been one week since I experienced my first hypnotherapy session with Nev. I wont say I went kicking & screaming but I did have my doubts...I was going to get help the anxiety issues...issues that had increased since going for my motorbike learners...something I had longed to do but found it caused massive anxiety & panic attacks...for no apparent reason. Well I did go in a week ago quite skeptical...what happened in my first session was quite, well a little hard to explain...years of built up stress was starting to released as I was dropping into a super relaxed state...was it what expected? Absolutely not! Am I looking forward to my next hypnosis session with Nev? Hell yes!!! I am ready to get rid of this excess baggage & guilt I have been carting around with me. P.S I have ridden 4 days out of the last week with a ride around our beautiful Barossa Valley with my grandson this evening & kinda enjoyed it xxxx

Sandra Hage

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 11.43.31 am.png

I have always been intrigued by hypnotherapy and a bit of a sceptic. For at least five years I have tried to get up early before work/school madness to walk, I love walking. I never succeeded as I love my sleep far too much. 630am was my earliest to wake up, even then I struggled and made excuses not to walk. So I went to Nev to give it a shot. In my session I felt awake and in total control and certain things he said have stuck in my head. I honestly thought the session wentfor half and hour. When I got in my car and saw it was an hour and half I was shocked. The first morning my alarm went at 530am I did struggle as I laid in bed. However instead of excuses ready to give up there were two things stuck in my head that kept repeating Nev had said. Before I knew it I was up. Now a few days down the track I literally get up without thinking. 530am is ridiculously early for me, I still can't believe I am getting up. It's my time, it works I am amazed I am not tired as I thought I would be in the afternoon. Thanks Nev, not feeling so much a sceptic now. Awesome work definitely recommend.

Jo Cartwright

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 11.44.54 am.png

I had a hypnotherapy session with Nev last Wednesday. I walked out of there feeling like I was ready to take on the world and had a mental clarity that I hadn't had in years. I feel like I let go of some baggage and really turned a corner towards healing some wounds and getting happy again. In the last few days I have definately been more positive and am feeling better than I have in months. I would recommend it. Thanks Nev

Katrina Pape

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 11.43.46 am.png

Had my first session with Nev on Monday and it was amazing. I have never felt so relaxed yet focused all at once. The atmosphere is very calming & Nev is wonderful. I even fell asleep! The following day I felt a totally new kind of energy, and I am already feeling the positive affects of my session. I especially loved the "timeline therapy" component of my session which gave me such a sense of clarity and vision! I can't wait for my next session & can highly recommend to anyone to give it a go for whatever areas they may like help with or even as a form of relaxation! 
Thankyou Nev

Sarah Craker-Stollznow

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 11.44.02 am.png

WOW! Had my first hypnotherapy session with Nev last night. I am completely amazed by the whole process. Feeling very positive, happy, energized, centred and focused today. Some outcomes of the session that I had'nt anticipated....I got more out of it than I thought was possible, I got too relaxed & fell asleep during the session (Ha!) & I didn't want the session to end! It was great!! Thanks Nev

Leanne Standing

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