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Welcome To The Bentley Blog!

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

Dear Followers,

I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our blog page. My hope is that, at some stage this page gives you the ticket of information you need to take your life to the next level - whatever that step may be. To understand your full potential and to live life on your terms.

I can remember being very young and watching successful people. The thoughts that used to go through my head were, "Whats so special about them," "What do they do differently," "Are they just lucky," "If they have a human brain and a human body, and I have a human brain and a human body, surely I'm entitled to the same success?"

Subsequently after high school I went to flying college and gained my commercial pilots licence by age 19. I then followed a career as a professional pilot for 11-years. What I found interesting was, never in those 11-years did I feel fulfilled. I had a case of the "should's" (as I call them). "I should be happy," "I have everything I need, I should be happy," "I have money, I should be happy," "I have a great car and a good house, I should be happy."

I should've been happy... but I wasn't. Why not?

Generally these days, we're taught to achieve... achieve... achieve... but we're not taught the art of fulfilment. We aren't taught how to practise gratitude. Have you ever had the horrific experience like me, of actually achieving your goal and then saying, "Is this all there is?"

Your success needs a 2-pronged approach when using NLP as your tool to success. One is the science of achievement. That is, how do you turn your vision into reality, how do you take what you've been talking about and make it real. And the other one is the art of fulfillment. Notice I say, 'science of achievement?' That's because things like how to transform your body, your shape, your energy, follow laws. There are laws of the body. There are laws of health. Everybody knows that. Everybody has different opinions about style and approaches. There's many ways to get to the result but there are certain laws if you violate them, you're going to have pain. These laws don't care what you believe. You can say, "I don't believe in gravity," but step off the cliff and you are going to pay the price. Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is pain. Ignorance will cost you.

NLP was born from modelling successful people. "How do I take the strategies of this successful person and install them in myself?" Every human behaviour can be modelled. In this process, the thing that can get in your way are your own limiting beliefs. These are very unconscious and stored without emotion at the unconscious level. You may try modelling a successful person, but fail due to your own unconscious limiting beliefs and then coin the whole exercise as - "It didn't work for me!" This is where Time Line Therapy® comes into it's own - removing those limiting beliefs so you can unconditionally move forward.

In the very beginning, I came across NLP by doing a google search: "How do you become a hypnotherapist?" The rest is history. Employing these belief systems has caused a shift in my life beyond belief. It's benefited my family, my son, my friendships. It didn't happen quickly for me either; I had to stay persistent. I'm glad I did; I've had clients walk in on crutches with so much leg pain, and at the end of a hypnotherapy session they left without the crutches. Once I hypnotised a lady in a comedy show in Brisbane and after realising how suggestible she was, I did some work on her eyes. To my knowledge, she has never worn glasses again. There are countless testimonials on this page and the Bentley Wellness facebook page of healing via hypnosis that I welcome you to check out.

In finishing... I'd like to introduce you to "suspending your critical judgement." To be successful at any new thing, you have to suspend any old beliefs of that thing while you learn the new process. There is a groundswell of popularity in NLP building in the world right now, and you're at the forefront of this. As you learn NLP, Time Line Therapy® and hypnotherapy, I suggest you suspend your old beliefs as you learn what it's really about. Lets make a deal that you'll never say, "It didn't work for me!" That phrase will hypnotise you your whole life, and then nothing will work for you.

Once again, welcome to the Bentley Blog! You will see posts here from GG, Steve and previous graduates and clients pop up here.

Wishing you love, prosperity, fun, enjoyment, exhilaration and all the other riches life can bring,

Nev Bentley

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