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So What Is The Devil Anyway?

Confront the MOFO head on

Disclaimer: Everything written in these blogs is from a level of my own life experience. I do not claim to have any scientific backing to content herein, which is made from a level of consciousness that transcends science. Please use discretion when reading, and supplement with your own research.

I grew up in a very christian family... Church every Sunday, Sunday school, Bible study. The works. Even entertaining the idea of writing a blog about the 'prince of darkness' would probably send my parents and their church friends into a coma! So why do it? Are you ready to delve down the rabbit hole of understanding the true nature of the devil? Why am I taking a bold step and publicly sharing my learnings in this time and place in the world?

I best start out by saying, great wise ancient people (and yes, even Jesus) spent their entire lives pursuing one thing: consciousness. Meditating, group work, praying, understanding the brotherhood of man and understanding our place in the universe was a well trodden path. The human race, for the most part, has lost this lifestyle. In-fact, most people look at these groups like they're some kind of weird cult.

However over the last 100-years, the collective physical and psychological health of humans has been on a serious decline. Depression, anxiety, weight issues and a countless number of diagnosable diseases has been added to the menu. At the same time, we praise science for making so many steps forward. I agree to an extent that science has taken us places we've never been. We can replace peoples knees and hips, giving them a new lease on life! We can give deaf people cochlea implants and return them to full hearing. Yes, science has brought us a long way. But as a collective whole, the state of human consciousness and health is extremely tragic.

My studies and curiosty drove me down the path of learning what happened in the 15th Century in Northern Italy. A wise group of adepts here found that our universe (and personal consciousness) is made up of 22 different archetypes. 22 is the sum of the 12 signs of the zodiac and 10 planets (we do not count the earth, because we are standing on it. We do include the sun and the moon.)

At this point it's very important to understand what an archetype is, because this word is thrown around in the personal development world without being truly understood. It's like the mystery mongers who use the word vibration without knowing what that is.

By definition: An archetype is a pattern or paradigm present in the consciousness of human race. They are core primordial images shared by the whole of humanity.

The wise adepts in ancient Italy then began to represent each of the 22 modes of consciousness (archetypes) into pictures... and this became what is known as the Tarot. The original Tarot from the 15th century remains unpublished, however good publications of Tarot (especially from Dr Paul Foster Case) have been printed which is as close to the 15th Century representations. Now, here is where it gets interesting.

... because, remember, we were meant to be talking about the devil, right?

One of the modes of consciousness (archetypes) they found was "The Devil," which is the 15th picture (or, 'Key') in the Tarot series. This is a stupendous claim! One of the basic modes of consciousness shared with all of humanity is "The Devil" ! Many people will hate to hear this... but bear with me. Remember, the mind is like a parachute, it only works if it's open. Understand this, and the Devil becomes your personal slave.

The Hebrew letter printed on Key 15 (The Devil) is Ayin. The primary meaning of Ayin is "eye". Other meanings are "a fountain," and "outward show," or "superficial appearance." For centuries, the "all seeing eye" has been a symbol of Deity. Thus Key 15 (The Devil), no matter how strange it may seem to the unaccustomed minds, must have something to do with certain aspects of the One Power theologians call "God." Add to this the meanings of the word "Fountain" (look up synonyms), and you will begin to understand that this Key (The Devil) reveals teachings about God as the fountain of manifestation, or source of creation. (When I use the word God, substitute it with - Devine, The One Thing, The Light, Source etc. Change the word to fit your personal belief system.) Add now the third meaning of Ayin, and you will see that Key 15 (The Devil) must be interpreted as a symbol of the One Identity (God?), considered as the source of forms and appearances of relative existence.

The human eye, as simple as it sounds, is the organ of vision. It is commonly known that the sense of sight, important as it is, is also a source of manifold illusions and deceptions. Most students of early university Psychology degrees are familiar with optical illusions. We all know we have to make mental adjustments, in order to interpret correctly what we see.

Example? If a man standing on the rear platform of a train accepted the report of his sense of sight at face value, he would be under the delusion that the parallel tracks over which the train had just passed had moved towards each other as they receded!

Yet our eyes deceive us only if we let them. Here is a direct connection between the meaning of the letter Ayin and the title of Key 15 (The Devil), for the word Devil is derived from the Greek word diabolos, meaning "a traducer, a slanderer." An old proverb says appearances are deceiving, and Jesus counselled his disciples to avoid judging by appearance. In the New Testament, also, the Devil is called the "father of lies," that is, the progenitor, source, or principle of falsehood, confusion, error, fallacy and mental disorder."

How do you view physical objects in our manifest world, all of the "real matter?" The Sanskrit word for matter is "Maya," which incidentally it's meaning is illusion! In contrast to the Conscious Mind (which has a tendency to accept the world of appearances constituting the objective universe as the only reality,) the ancient wise philosophers of China were inclined to interpret the physical, objective world as "an unreal phantasmagoria of ever-shifting appearances."

I've come to reconcile that REALITY apples to both worlds (physical and spiritual). The outer world may be Maya (or illusion). Yet because what we call "matter" is actually the "appearance" of what we call "spirit," as it enters the field of name and form, we sometimes do not see how it is possible to seperate the reality of the appearance from the reality of the One Identity (God?) which is making the appearance.

You see, error creeps in when we try to establish any such separation between the appearance and what may be termed the "appearer!" The seeming "two" are really "one" (like Yin and Yang), and they are not in opposition to each other. Consider the following words carefully, in connection with the meaning of Ayin as "fountain." A fountain is a spring, where water flows to nourish the growth of plants, and makes waste places fertile. Where there is a fountain in a desert there is an oasis. Usually it's ringed with trees, and, when viewed from a height, looks like an eye in the face of the landscape. Yet the fountain in the oasis does not make the water which flows from it. It is the beginning of a stream which trickles from it. This little stream joins itself with others until they all unite into a river which ultimately reaches the sea. The fountain "begins afresh" but is fed by rain falling from clouds, formed by evaporation from the ocean. The fountain is not an original source. It is simply a point at the commencement of a particular cycle.

In a book titled 'Transcendental Magic,' we read that among the powers and privileges of someone who understands all this are "Able to force nature to make him free at his pleasure." Is it a coincidence that we find these same startling words in the first verse of the 4th chapter of Matthew in the Bible - "Then Jesus was led up into the wilderness by the Spirit, to be tempted by the Devil." This provides an important clue to the mystery of what the Devil really is. Note that the SPIRIT did the leading, for the specific purpose of TESTING Jesus by temptation. See how the Devil begins to appear to have some good use? Consider also what is written in Job 1:6, "Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before Jehovah, and Satan came also." There is no hint that Satan is prohibited from coming into Gods presence. He is one of the company of the "sons of God."


Firstly, that the appearances which deceive us are necessary to the manifestation of the Life-Power (or universe). Furthermore, that to attain to our full potential and stature as human beings, so that we are in a position to force nature to make us free at our pleasure, we must be subjected to tests and trials of our faith, and these trials are imposed on us by appearances. What we think of "evil" is no mystery to those who have met and passed the trials of faith.

You may say, "All very well, but what about all of the economic, political and social pitfalls of the present day? I have shortcomings! I never get what I want! And most of the people that surround me a simply dreadful! No amount of fine Nev theory will erase the slums, empty the hospitals, insane asylums and prisons!"

... and I say - Granted! Yet the way of life which leads to realisation of mans true place in the scheme of things does more than banish the idea of evil. It brings with it power to transmute all semblances of evil into manifestations of positive good. When you're met with the appearance of evil - start by saying... "How did I attract this into my life? What does my unconscious mind need to learn so that it doesn't keep appearing?" And then take action on that learning.

You may say "easier said than done" to the last sentence of the last paragraph. But consider this... we may wonder why appearances are often so deceiving. Here, logic forces us to attribute the manifestation of the visible universe to a power which is essentially good. A power, moreover, that is wholly wise. So, it follows that even if appearances are deceiving, appearance itself is necessary for the perfect manifestation of the Life-Power (God or Universe). The universe, as the ancient Chinese philosophers say, may be "Maya" but, on the idea that it proceeds from an all-wise, all-good, all-powerful source, then, whether we can explain it or not, we are forced to conclude that this power to deceive that human mind, and originate all sorts of delusion, is somehow useful, and somehow part of the universal order.

Here is where Tarot gives us a clue by the attribution of the Devil card to the zodiacal sign Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn (planet of limitation and restriction). In Capricorn, Mars is exalted or has it's highest field of expression. Those in "the know," also know that Mars energy is sex energy. Thus we may expect to find in Key 15 (The Devil) a symbolic representation of a power which both binds and liberates. And that's a paradox! In it's binding aspect, it creates form. All form has definite limitations (Saturn). Yet when form breaks down and dissolution occurs, it releases the latent energy which binds it in limitation. This dissolution is an aspect of the Mars force. Thus in Capricorn, these opposite aspects of reality are brought together. What do you need to dissolve in your life, and reintegrate anew? Pro-Tip - Use limitation to overcome limitation.

Did you know that the mode of consciousness they attributed to Key 15 (The Devil) is MIRTH? Mirth is laughter! Laughter is caused by perception of the incongruous. It is but a step from this to the truth that joy results from the perception of the incongruity between appearances of limitation and the truth that man is the immediate agent of the One Identity (God, or Source). Verify this for yourself! Even Napoleon Hill (author of the best selling book, Think and Grow Rich) said, start each day with 5 minutes of hearty laughter! Even if its forced.

This is why I myself became an internationally qualified laughter yoga trainer and instructor. Forced laughter eventually turns into real, genuine laughter. Laughter changes the chemistry of your brain, and dissolved mental complexes. People don't understand the fact that the human race doesn't laugh as much as it used to. So ROFL... do it now. Experimental verification of this truth brings an experience of the most intense bliss, far beyond and comparable to the most ecstatic sense-experiences known to man. Learn to laugh at the notion of a devil - and him and all his angels will flee.

Finally - to return to the title of Key 15, there's an old saying. "The Devil is God as He is misunderstood by the wicked." This means that the monstrous figure in Key 15 is a symbol of mans ignorant notions of the true nature of Reality, and more specifically, of mans false opinions concerning his place in the scheme of things. This ignorance is the real devil, and many people who roam the Earth believe that there really is a "real character" known as the Devil. To build up an internal picture or personification of the Devil is one of mans greatest errors. The Devil is nothing a mode of consciousness needed for the manifestation of our physical universe. It is a mode of consciousness we can use to our advantage.

So what does the Devil card look like? Have a gander...

Notice this hideous figure is an impossible combination of incongruities. The central figure is an androgyne goat, having the wings of a bat, arms/hands of a man, the legs and feet of an eagle. His nose is a penis? The position of his right hand is a gesture of esotericism; thus the devil seems to be saying - "What is visible, what can be grasped by the senses, is all there is." Yet, we now know that's not true. This is the basic fallacy of materialism - the symbolism of the Devils hand is associated with the sign of the planet Saturn (planet of limitation), because materialism is the cause of mans worst limitations. The inverted pentagram between the Devils horns is the most evil of all signs of black magic. The essence of black magic is mental inversion, rooted in the belief that the self of man is dominated by the elements (not the other way around!) composing his physical environment. The idea is to get the pentagram "right side up!" When you do this, you will see the Devil for what he really is, nothing other than an expression of the all pervading goodness of Divine Source which you can make your personal slave to achieve goodness. Never did this nightmare shape exist and it never can. Remember: a picture call tell a thousand stories, so the eyes can tell a thousand lies!

So how does this fit in with world events as of 2019?

By now you've heard of the idea that some people on earth are "Devil Worshipers" or "Satanists?" That some people conduct "Satanic Rituals." You've heard of the idea of people 'Selling their soul to the Devil." If this is true, how does it all tie in with everything we've learned in this lesson? In the text above we've basically said that the "Devil" doesn't actually exist - - - so how can people be worshiping it?

Great question! Read on...

The Devil is an archetype - a basic primordial paradigm and energy present in the consciousness of the entire human race. We've said that The Devil archetype is responsible for providing illusions (which, remember, is necessary for a physical existence.) What happened over a century ago was a group of unscrupulous individuals found they could abuse the Devil archetype. This blog is not the place to go into a detailed discussion of the step by step process of how they achieve this. Put simply - you need to understand how energy works. There are various ways of increasing energy to use at your disposal. The two most potent forms of summoning energy is through sex and death.

You don't have to look far to see what happens in certain religious groups, in Hollywood, in certain Cults. Child ritual abuse dates back a very long time - and it still happens. They sell their soul to this archetype and create the illusion that they are "doing good in the world." Yet a perusal of the personal life of many of the people we once thought were heroes (because that's what the TV portrays them as - (remember illusions) will actually show their heartbreaking existence.

People who sell their souls to the Devil have a necessity to be very outward about their position. This is to reduce their karma. Leonardo DiCaprio was seen on TV admitting, "Thats when I turned to satanism." Katy Perry said in plain English on camera - 'So I sold my soul to the Devil!" They also use symbolism as a way of portraying their position of being tied to the Devil archetype. Research Ellen DeGeneres, Tom Hanks, the three Popes, Pizza Gate, Jeffrey Epstein, Hillary Clinton. A little research with an open mind will show you very quickly what has really been happening. If you haven't been able to see it yet, it's because they have properly deceived you with the very thing the Devil archetype is good at - providing an optical illusion.

In finishing, I will say this. Selling your soul to the Devil is just not worth it. When you sell your soul to the Devil archetype, you sell it for peanuts. It creates the illusion of a great life, but you will create centuries of bad karma for your existence after this life. When you do this, you sell your soul to something that is BELOW God, below the Devine Source, and below the One-Identity. Everything in this matrix has a beginning and an end - and I believe the end is approaching for what has been a long time of satanists abuse of power!

Here's to your enlightenment!

Live well and be happy.

Nev is a registered clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Trainer, Master Time Line Therapy® Trainer, and Hypnotherapy Trainer. Heading through his childhood and early adulthood as undiagnosed aspergers, he struggled through the adversities and finally found the healing he needed through NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnotherapy. One of his favourite sayings is, "All magic is in the will!"

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