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Shaun Ahearn, PT, describes his experience at the 7-day NLP Practitioner Training

My wife said I looked 10-years younger

I first met Nev Bentley in 2011 when he was a massage therapist at the Barossa Aquatic Centre. We immediately hit it off with several things in common, from training, exercise, small business interests and sport (despite him being a poor Crows supporter!)

In the coming years, I have seen Nev develop at an extraordinary rate. Initially, he naturally progressed his massage skills into dry needling. These skills were sought after by the locals of the Barossa Valley. I regularly referred my friends, family and Personal Training clients to Nev because of his natural healing qualities.

Throughout general chit-chat with Nev, I learned that he was eager to start a NLP and Hypnotherapy course with the Tad James company. At this stage, NLP meant absolutely nothing to me. Nev gave me a quick synopsis of what the course entailed, and a later Google search suggested it was about mastering language and ‘reframes’ – Again, this meant nothing to me and while I wished Nev all the best, I didn’t really give it another thought. What did interest me was that the course also covered Hypnotherapy, and immediately conjured up the stereotypical images of “hypno-manipulation”. I asked a few questions about what this was about, and didn’t really give it much more thought.

Throughout our casual chats in the gym, I learned that Nev had furthered his education and had participated in a Master Prac Course, and even went back to Trainers Training. By this stage I had seen a significant shift in Nev’s energy and outlook on life as a whole.

I had been working either full time or part time as a Personal Trainer for 18 years, and in the Emergency Services for 12 years. In this time, I had seen my fair share of trauma, emergencies and the ‘dirty’ parts of life that normal society doesn’t really deal with on a day to day basis. Dealing with this kind of work tends to ‘harden’ personalities, and people tend to build an emotional wall. Despite this, when I learned that Nev was arranging his first 7-day Practitioners Course with GG Frantz, I was open minded about the content, but to be completely honest, participated to help support a mate. While I was open minded, I still held a healthy dose of scepticism. To say that the 7 day course was transformational is the biggest of understatements. Throughout the week, I could feel a continual shift in my mood, personality and demeanour. I felt more relaxed, stress free and light. To summarise in a word – HAPPY.

Throughout the course, I found the Time Line Therapy® and Hypnotherapy particularly fun. It really helped to map out my goals in life and gave me a swag of tools that I can now use with my Personal Training clients.

The tools I learned in the course did not just make a psychological shift for me – Family, friends and clients could SEE a physical difference. This in itself just proved to me that there is a huge correlation with the mind-body connection. If the mind believes it, the body lives it.

If you are reading this blog, all I can say is – Go and do the course. If everyone participated in this level of mindfulness, we would all live in a much kinder, happier place!

Best Wishes

Shaun Ahearn

Shaun is a qualified and experienced personal trainer. Being the owner of Barossa Valley Personal Training (BVPT), he trains personal clients and corporate groups. His no-nonsense approach to health and fitness is clearly evident and his clients respect him.

If you would like to get in touch with him about healthy living and incorporating the mind-body connection into your training, contact him on 0408 966 996.

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