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Nev Bentley: Pessimism and Scepticism

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

One thing you can be sure of in this business, is the words pessimism and scepticism come up a lot. The phone rings, someone is desperate for change and wants help... "But I'm quite the sceptic!" are the words that usually follow.

Pessimism is defined as "a tendency to see the worst aspect of things or believe that the worst will happen." Scepticism is defined as "an attitude; doubt as to the truth of something."

What do these words really mean? And why on earth are people openly willing to admit they suffer from the Pessimism-Scepticism 'disorder!'

You know, people tell me all the time, "Well, I'm sceptical about this kind of stuff. I'm pessimistic." I usually reply with, "No, you're gutless. You're scared. Tell the truth. You're afraid to get your hopes up. I get it, because I've been there too. You're afraid to get excited about something, give it a try and not have it work because it happens so much!" These two words really kill our faith. We attach so much unnecessary meaning to these words and they hold us back, cross contextually, in so many areas of our life.

But certain things do work. You can create the life and the future you want. It might not happen overnight. But pursuing your dreams, staying focussed on it and never quitting is one of the noblest things a human can do.

There are laws of life, if you live them, you'll get results. If you sow, you'll reap (sound familiar?) The reason they work is because they've been modelled from people that have already made it happen. That's what NLP is all about. The only reason NLP won't work is if you reject the new ways of thinking. NLP is a systematic approach, where successful people have been studied. What was found is that success leaves clues. Success can be modelled and the strategies installed in your own mind. It takes a disciplined approach to adopting the news laws of life like Cause-Effect, Perception Is Projection and the Prime Directives of the Unconscious Mind.

I get people stop me every day to tell me these great stories about how they changed their body, their appearance or their relationships. One grateful mother called me the other day and said it was the first time in years her daughter has been able to wakeboard since we got rid of her ankle pain using hypnotherapy.

I've dealt with young people in Perth, addicted to meth amphetamine... and I've dealt with the top CEOs in big insurance companies in Sydney... addicted to meth amphetamine! Here's what I'm saying, people's challenges are the same, no matter where you go in the world, whether it's London, New York or Adelaide. You'll find that human beings are the same. We have different beliefs, we have different rituals but we have some of the same challenges and the solutions that work for human beings are the same worldwide.

Initially, I took all the things I've learned from NLP and I was applying it to myself and I made a huge changes in my body (lost 25kg) and my emotions and my relationships and my finances. You know what I found? Whenever you make a change and you make things better, you feel great for a while and pretty soon, there's another gap. There's a gap between where you are and where you want to be. People are lying if they say, "Oh, yeah. Everything's perfect." How long does it stay like that? We always eventually raise our standards! Because one of the needs we have a human beings is to grow. We reach a new platform only to realise there's another level.

If you don't grow, you die. It's not about having your cover model body. It's not about the money you hope to earn. It's not about the fast car or living in a mansion. It's about discovering what you're really capable of and experiencing that feeling of aliveness. You can't have it until you realise there's always going to be a gap. It's the nature of a human being that whatever we focus on, we tend to get more of. If you focus on problems, you'll get more of them. If you focus on how to make something better, it'll get better if you really act on that focus. But we don't usually have a systematic way of looking at each of the areas of life that are most important.

This is why people are so pessimistic. No one has taught them the art of the 'gap' and being comfortable with being on the ever increasing exponential growth curve called life. They did a course, maybe got results, and didn't feel fulfilled because they realised there's a new level. To advance, we need new ways of thinking. Ultra-successful and healthy people are in the minority. Their ways of thinking are largely rejected by the world. What does this way of thinking consist of? Primarily in a reversal of thought, in a point of view which is just the opposite to that accepted by most people. At first, there may seem no practical advantage to accepting the laws of NLP, but just consider. One need only to look about them to see that most people are sick, most people are in trouble, most people cannot get along with themselves or the world. Most people are becoming more depressed or anxious.

Doesn't it seem evident then, that most people are in trouble because they have somehow put the cart before the horse in their practise of life? In this advanced scientific and spiritual age, we know that everything is an expression of the working of the law of cause and effect. It seems plain, therefore, that peoples miseries (read: pessimism and skepticism!) are as a result of the negative use of this law.

When you take our 7-day NLP practitioner training, we teach you the art of focussing on what you want and being at cause for everything that happens in your life.

We promise you won't be disappointed.

Wishing you health, prosperity, love, kindness, success and all the riches life has to offer,

Nev Bentley

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