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GG Frantz: Reporting On Change


Why do we need more Changemakers in Leadership & Management than ever before? What is a Changemaker? What does it take to be a Changemaker?

Would you not agree that all of us live in an increasingly fast and every changing globalised interconnected world? A world where many of the jobs of today will be obsolete tomorrow. A world where we need to equip ourselves and our children to gain the skills and confidence to deal with some of the biggest problems facing humanity…What we need is a generation of changemakers.

While former US president Bill Clintons was among the first politicians to publicly embrace the association; and chose to encapsulate Hillary’s public service careers with one description on the campaign trail in Iowa calling her: “She is the best darn changemaker I have ever know.”

Yet not every changemaker launches their own startup. Sometimes it is the changemaker within an existing business that’s most influential. For instance, a changemakers is a person who has the courage to stand up and say, how it is, and how it needs to be. When something needs to change, somebody has to lead the way. A changemaker takes positive action to enhance the lives and circumstances of people around them. Achangemaker is inclusive in their approach, and innovative in their business thinking. They see the opportunities and understand the value of their own firm and are in a great position to innovate for the greater good.

Known as social “intrapreneurs,” these are people like many of us who desire change, by gathering knowledge and resources, and understand the mechanics of their own organisation to make change happen. Ashoka, Innovators for the Public sums it up by saying; “Changemakers identify problems and see it as an opportunity to build a solution. They apply the critical skills of empathy, teamwork and leadership to make positive impact.”

Leaders & Managers Pay Attention

Leaders & managers today need to pay attention and become more aware of the changemakers within their own organisation than ever before; or may become a changemaker themselves. By doing so, by becoming a changemaker or working with changmakers one will identify problems and see it as an opportunity to create a solution.

Most organisation desire change; many know what they would like to see different in the firm, and some even know how it could be done best;but often fall short of the qualities a changemaker has in his DNA. This is where changemakers differ: they make their change happen. They possess and apply the critical skills of empathy, teamwork and leadership used with a combination of knowledge, resources, and determination, to make the positive impact. Changemakers are the force of reformation within an organisation; everyone can become one, and everyone should.

You Can Make the Change

As a leader, manager, employer or an employee, you can make the change you want to see in your organisation. How to become a changemaker? What does it take to become a changemaker? What can I do?

Let’s be honest; until we change ourselves, we cannot change the environment we live in. Nothing will change until you take the time to reflect on your own strengths and weaknesses. The starting point is to improve yourself before you try to improve others.

Let’s face it; if you truly want to resolve a problem, you need to get to know it first. To do that, you have to find the people experiencing it, ask questions regarding their account of events and merely listen. Listening is an incredible opportunity to build empathy, a major stepping stone towards positive change.

Let’s speak up; and let no-one silence you. Start believing in the power of your own voice. Regardless of your gender, age or background, your voice has power used and pushed in combination with knowledge, resources and determination, and see your dreams unfold right in front of you.

Let’s do it; continuously keep doing what you know will bring positive change because a single action will bring no change at all. The process of change may take some twists and turns, sometime even a stumble and perhaps a little failure every now and then. But no matter what, regardless of the obstacles thrown into your path, you keep going forward on the path to change.

I belief everyone is a changemaker. It is about everyone’s role as a changemaker in conversations around the dinner table, in the office, around the water cooler, in the Cafe or hanging out with your friends and family at a picnic. Everyone is a leader and role model to someone else in their life. You have the ability to create change with every conversation with everyone and anyone you choose to. Embrace your roles as changemakers within your communities.

Everyone Can - Everyone Should!


GG Frantz

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