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Get to know your Unconscious Mind! It's very, very... Un... Conscious.

Take Control Of Your Unconscious Mind - Take Control Of Your Life

My studies into the Unconscious Mind began when I suffered depression 8 years ago. I never understood why I felt so poorly - so lost. I was always a happy boy growing up, and depression kicked in in my late 20's.

I was brought up in the Christian faith. Naturally, I tried "turning to God" to see if this would solve my problems. However, this made me feel more estranged from myself than ever before. I then tried reiki, counselling, a social worker, psychology. It all ended in more and more frustration.

I was determined to find my healing. Have you ever noticed, if you focus on something with persistence, you usually find a way of getting what you want? Practising remedial massage and dry needling therapy at the time, I did a google search on "How to become a hypnotherapist." What happened next took me on a journey of self discovery that would lead to my ultimate psychological healing.

Before I knew it, I was studying the Diploma of Hypnotherapy and NLP, and quickly began practising and sharing the healing. Understanding the difference between the conscious mind and unconscious mind is of utmost importance.

So What Is The Unconscious Mind?

Your Unconscious Mind, is the part of your mind, that you're not conscious of right now.

A simple axiom that you'd expect to get a lot of meaning from, right? It sounds so simple. If it's so simple, why do people in this day and age find it so hard to take control of their Unconscious Mind?

Are you ready to delve down the Unconscious Mind rabbit hole?

In hypnotherapy, we teach basic principals about the Unconscious Mind

- It is very symbolic

- It is the storehouse of the emotions

- It has perfect records of all memories

- Needs clear orders to follow

- Represses emotions for safety

- Presents unresolved memories for resolution

- Controls the energy of the body

- Preserves life

- Is amenable to suggestion

The last point I will divulge on. What does it mean, to be amenable to suggestion? It means that any suggestion given to it, from the conscious mind - can be taken by the Unconscious Mind and grown. It can reject suggestions, too. If accepted - like a seed they can multiply and grow. Imagine a child hearing over and over again - "You're useless!" This suggestion can then become self talk and, before long, can grow to become their belief and their reality. Imagine hearing over again - "You're fat!" Again, that seed can grow.

How about - "I'm depressed." Yes, that can grow too. Like a snowball, actually.

You can start to see how suggestions, good or bad, can grow like wildfire.

I'm going to take this discussion one step further - past Hypnotherapy knowledge - and into esoteric thinking. You've heard of "The Secret," right? Did you know that Unconscious powers are universal as well as personal? It is held that this Unconscious activity is the real substance of all things we call 'physical objects.' What appears to us as wood or stone, as various sorts of minerals as the bodies of plants and animals etc.. as the matter entering into forms round us, is held to be actually the Unconscious level of the manifestation of the 'One Force' (or "God" in some belief systems).

A century ago, scientists would have made fun of this idea. Today several prominent physicists say boldly that the real substance out of which atoms are built is probably mind-stuff.

The actual substance of the physical plane (Earth) from which all forms perceptible to the human senses are built, is mental energy, working at the Unconscious level.

Watch your daily experience closely and you will soon be able to detect the operation of your Unconscious Mind in your own life. A bitter pill for some to swallow is accepting that everything that happens in your daily experience is a direct result of your own (Unconscious) choosing. As you become increasingly familiar with these principles and the way they work, you will put them more and more into conscious operation. Making the Unconscious - Conscious will allow you to regain greater control over the forces of your personality. Persistent practise in directing your personal forces leads eventually to the attainment of extraordinary control over physical conditions, where this control is exerted purely by mental means.

Earlier I mentioned that the Unconscious Mind responds to signs and symbols. Maybe you want to take this suggestion, maybe you won't. However, the Tarot card that corresponds to the Unconscious Mind is Key 2 - The High Priestess. Tarot is full of productive symbolism that your Unconscious Mind will respond positively to. The main lesson you should now learn from this is your personal field of Unconsciousness is materially connected with even the most distant stars. "Your" Unconscious Mind is a temporarily restricted portion of the potential mode of universal matter. "Mind-Stuff" is the original material from which everything is made. Through various processes, all essentially mental, the mind-stuff undergoes changes in form, which make it APPEAR as physical objects.

These are actual objects. What I'm saying about their essential mental quality is in no way a denial of their reality as things in our environment. But it is important to know that their original and actual material may be shaped by conscious control of human mental imagery. Through your Unconscious Mind you have access to an inexhaustible supply of the original material of the physical universe. When you learn how to use these powers, which are already yours, you may shape this universal solvent as you will.

This is the key to health, wealth, happiness and abundance.

Until next time, may your mental imagery be sharp, focussed, positive and definite.

Nev Bentley

Nev is a registered clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Trainer, Master Time Line Therapy® Trainer, and Hypnotherapy Trainer. Heading through his childhood and early adulthood as undiagnosed aspergers, he struggled through the adversities and finally found the healing he needed through NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnotherapy. One of his favourite sayings is, "All magic is in the will!"

Further information:

Key 2 of the Tarot is a pictorial representation of the Unconscious Mind. We have found the deck from Dr Paul Foster Case the most inclusive and the closest to the unpublished esoteric Tarot.

More about the amazing unconscious mind:

Do you want to improve your ability to learn and recall? This is the domain of the Unconscious Mind too. You easily recall things or ideas like each other; things or ideas in sharp contrast to each other; ideas or things near each other in time and space. Link what you want to remember with something like it. Contrast it with something markedly different. Notice what things are near it in time/space. Do this when you meet someone new - and hear their name - and you will have no trouble remembering it. The next law of recall is that of frequency. We recall easily what we repeat often. Along with frequency goes recency, since we tend to recall recent experiences more readily than those which happened some time ago.

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