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March 11 - Ground Breaking New Fear Of Flying Therapy Set To Take off!

Hey Adelaide

Do active imagination hypnotherapy in the Flight Sim cockpit - then take it for a fly!

We've been working tirelessly in the background to streamline our fear of flying therapy. You may also be aware that $299 is absurdly cheap - so why are we doing this with fear of flying? This is an opening special that is set to increase to $599 by May 2019. This price WILL not last!

We've boiled it down to a fine art

Irrational phobias and phobic responses are easy to remove with active imagination hypnotherapy. Many people have what we call a 'convincer strategy' too. This means, "How will you know when the problem has totally disappeared?" It's different for everybody. What better way to test that the therapy has worked by taking the controls of an aircraft simulator.

You can expect to be in and out the door within 1.5 hours. At the start, the cockpit graphics will be switched off and the setting will be reasonably dark. Perfect to conduct active imagination hypnotherapy. Following that, Nev will show you a take-off, cruise, and landing. Then, it's your turn to take the controls (if you want to!).

The active imagination hypnotherapy will consist of the following interventions:

- NLP Logical Levels of Therapy

- Time Line Therapy® Negative Emotions #1

- Time Line Therapy® Fast Phobia Model

The cockpit and flying procedure will consist of:

- An explanation of aerodynamics - how an aircraft stays in the air

- An explanation of turbulence and the crew responses

- A brief description of "what's what" in the cockpit

- Take-off, Landing and Cruising (You will have the opportunity to try)

Nev Bentley was a commercial pilot for 11 years. Having moved into clinical hypnotherapy, this demonstrates the best opportunity for you to give up your irrational fear. It's pleasant, easy, calming and fun.

Wael (owner of Flight Sim Australia) and Nev went to flying college together many years ago. They have remained friends and are happy to take this next step in business development together.

The cockpit is a replica of a Boeing 737-800. It is modern and realistic. It is currently undergoing testing by CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) for approval for pilots to be able to log time as legal simulator time.

To book please get in contact with Nev Bentley on 0450 907 727 or


Will it work for me?

With a few simple questions over the phone, we can tell if you will be suitable to this type of therapy. If you don't pass the simple checks we do over the phone, we will not book you in. This is in line with our ethical and ecological boundaries. It's extremely important that you are a visual person (ie, you can see/make pictures in your mind easily)

Where is the simulator

It's located in Adelaide CBD, close to Rundle Mall. Exact location of Flight Sim Australia will be given upon booking.

Can you really get rid of a fear of flying in 1.5 hours?

Yes. Infact, the quickest we've seen a phobia disappear is in 60 seconds! Hypnotherapy has come a very long way, like technology.

Will I LOVE flying after this therapy?

Not exactly. The best candidates for this type of therapy must have an IRRATIONAL fear: not just a dislike of flying. To be truly phobic of something means to have a strong physical and emotional response of what they think they fear. For instance, heavy breathing, hyperventilating, crying, shaking, sweating.

In our experience, it has shown that this therapy works best to take out the IRRATIONAL side to this fear. We can't promise that you will love flying - but it will take away the phobic response. You'll be free to hop on an aircraft and fly comfortably.

Happy Flying! Take advantage of this super special now.

The graphics in the Flight Sim Australia cockpit are the best in the world

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