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Fear Of Flying: Past Client Marty Reports On His Therapy Experience

Come fly with me

“I was 23 years old. And about to die”

Or so I thought!

It was 1991 and I had just finished a week of sightseeing in Paris.

A quick flight home to spend more time reconnecting with my UK family and I’d soon be continuing on my first world-trip.

The cross section of passengers was almost text book.

Mum and dad with kids sporting Disneyland Paris memorabilia. Business people suited up. A group of geezers, boozed up and ready to flirt with every stewardess on-board. In front of me two ladies, triumphant! They had emptied the Champs Élysées of all its merchandise. Across the row from me a newly married couple, returning from their honeymoon.

I was happy. Three seats to myself and a window.

Sweet. Only half an hour ‘til home.

I’ve since learnt the English Channel, dividing France and the UK and in fact the UK itself is, by land area, the most tornado prone country in the world.

And that’s what we flew into.

The geezers stopped singing “Frigging in the rigging” and began wailing “I love you mate”.

Mum and Dad tried bravely to let the kids know “it’ll be alright”.

The shopping ladies screamed and held onto each other.

And above all noise and commotion, the honeymooners, recognising this might be it, asked me if I’d like to move next to them and hold hands.

The violence of that flight was extreme to say the least and effected my ability to enjoy such an amazing accomplishment of technology.

Until a little over a year ago.

Nev and I started our session with the creation of a mantra. “To be fifty and fabulous”. That may not sound so closely related to a fear of flying but through our session we touched on experiences based on emotional states.

Fear was one of those.

With slightly more detail I discussed the above incident.

I’ll admit to some vagueness now. I thought I was “with it”, throughout the appointment. I wasn’t!

What I do remember was, I had held onto this for close to 27 years! For 27 years I still flew. It was a necessary evil I thought, but I never enjoyed it.

I would take sleeping pills, drink heavily, sweat heavily and encourage others around me to feel as uncomfortable.

Well I’ve lost track of the number of flights I’ve been on since that time with Nev and quite simply because, with Nev’s help, I’ve conquered that fear.

The power to overcome anything that holds us back is there in us.

We just need to let it fly.


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