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Ebony, 16 Years Old, Combats Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) With Hypnosis At Bentley Wellness

I can't thank Nev enough for his help!

In October 2017, I injured my ankle going hiking. For the next 7 month's I was in and out of moon boots, braces and I was even forced to use crutches. In May 2018, I was at school and it seemed like a normal day. I was walking from the office to my locker, and all of a sudden I had excruciating pain in my ankle. Words can't express just how painful it was! It was like someone was driving broken glass into my ankle joint.

I was taken to the hospital and told that the pain I had was there "just because!" There was no medical diagnosis available at that time. After countless doctors and emergency services, I was finally told that I have a condition called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). CRPS is a nerve pain, that apparently has "no cure". I have seen doctors, an orthopaedic surgeon, a pain specialist, a naturopath, physiotherapists, bowen therapy, lymphatic drainage and red light therapy. None of these therapies have done anything to help ease my pain. For a while I was in an extremely bad mind set and believed that nothing would help me and that I would be stuck with this pain for the rest of my life.

After months of feeling depressed, losing friendships and being in pain, my mum looked into hypnotherapy and found Nev on Facebook. After my first session, the pain went away by the end of the appointment. Unfortunately it came back a couple days after. I then had a second appointment, the same thing happened. Nev told me to be patient while we got to the source of the problem. He also taught me how my thoughts, feelings and moods affected my pain, which was surprisingly true. At my third appointment, I had so much pain I walked in on crutches. I felt really different afterwards and walked out without my crutches. Something happened after that appointment and the pain has never been back the same since. Whilst at first this treatment was not something I believed in, I now fully do! Nev has taught me about the psychosomatic nature of pain, and what I found was my moods or frustration was a big trigger for setting the pain off. Now I can avoid those thought patterns.

I've been able to get back on the wakeboard for the first time in years. I can also spend days on my feet shopping. Thanks to Nev, I've been able to go back to doing things that I used to do.

Ebony Wilton

Comments From Ebony's Mum, Belinda

Ebony has also now completely weaned off the medication "Lyrica" since working with Nev. Lyrica is a heavy duty nerve blocker that has severely bad side effects. The money we spent on all the therapies over the years was nothing compared to what we spent on hypnotherapy, yet it had the greatest impact. It was so good to see her back on the wakeboard. I was honestly intrigued at how this worked, so I'm doing Nev's next 7-day seminar!


Additional Remarks From Clinical Hypnotherapist Nev Bentley

Prior to working with Ebony, I did extensive research into CRPS. Hypnosis has been known to help with various types of pain for thousands of years.

My research led me to understand that CRPS, in most cases, is a pain produced psychosomatically. This means the person creates the pain with the power of their mind. This is probably why this condition has been coined "incurable" and patients are prescribed heavy duty nerve blockers. Taking a purely pathological approach to understanding this type of pain is incomplete, because it doesn't explore the psychosomatic nature of pain.

I knew that Ebony would benefit not only from hypnosis, but also NLP and Time Line Therapy®. The reason the results weren't long-lasting after the first and second appointment is because we have many techniques we can try. If one technique doesn't work, we move on to the next technique. Ebony's saving grace was a Time Line Therapy® technique known as the "pain paradigm." This is an intervention we use to re-associate people back into feeling their emotions. Over time, people can dissociate from their emotions. We know from our own research that unconscious minds do not like it when the conscious mind ignores the emotions that are being felt. The unconscious mind then restricts blood flow to muscles and areas of the body, as a warning sign. If you know anything about lack of blood flow to muscles or soft tissue, you'll know that it's very painful! It was evident to me that Ebony was doing this unconsciously, since her leg, ankle and foot was purple and cold to touch. This is clear evidence of a restriction of blood flow.

As Ebony said herself, she know's what triggers the pain now (moods and emotions). She now uses the pain paradigm at home, at school, and wherever she goes. Once this technique is practised, it becomes unconscious and clients can live a life pain free.

Here's to the power of your mind!

Nev Bentley

Ebony achieves a perfect arm catalepsy while in hypnosis

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