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DEATH - The Key To Transformation?

So many false beliefs and superstitions are connected with the idea of death.. but like so many things in life, death has other meanings for those who know. Now is your turn to know!

Really, the word "Death" could be replaced with "Transformation." Those dominated by race thought tend to associate the word death with the literal death of our physical bodies.

Is this how you've thought about death, til now? Well, your interpretation is changing, right now.

Replacing the word death with transformation is the first step. Transformation suggests the changing of forms. The law of transformation brings about both dissolution and change. It's always troubled me as to why most people fear change. To this end, my crew suggest to me that people don't fear change so much or think it is adverse, but that the outcome is unknown.

You must realise that without continual change, life could not exist... and even if it could, it's monotony would be unbearable!

Would a fair argument be to assume that the opposite to death is birth? This is important, and you'll do well to ponder it. There are not two antagonistic powers, one making for life, and the other for death. There is only a single power, which has a twofold manifestation.

Most people fear death because they don't know the meaning of this transformation. Dissolution is the secret of secrets. The dissolution of form is imperative for growth. When forms break down, energy is released, to be utilised for further development.

Example: stone disintegrates to form soil, and from soil springs the vegetable world. Animals eat the vegetables and incorporate their essences into a higher type of organisation. Man eats both animals and vegetables (according to your diet preferences!), and builds the chemical energy of their cells into his own body. As you progress down the path of understanding energy, you can do more than this. If you have the ears to hear, and are willing to work - you can become a master of the energies that build your body.

Modern medicine and science now agrees that our bodies are continually in a process of dying and rebuilding. In fact, Dr Deepak Chopra says that our entire bodies regenerate within around a year! However, the bones are the slowest to redevelop, taking about 2-years. Isn't this a marvellous idea! As cells die off, new ones are built.

In no way am I denying the fact that one day our physical bodies will eventually leave the physical plane of existence. However, is it not clear now that man does indeed die continually, and rebirth continually, all at the same time? In this sense, man is immortal, and does not die. Though his bodies change and disintegrate thousands of times... he remains. Imagine if you saw your body over a period of 80 years in a time lapse? You will see a body continually dying and regenerating. How does your body know how to keep turning into itself? There must be some kind of blue print, perhaps hidden in the deepest part of the unconscious mind? "He" remains.

One great author has written - "Our most precious heritage is the power which ordinarily manifests itself in bodily death."

To me this means that the very power which, because we misunderstand it and misapply it, results in disease and death, is the power whereby we may experience perpetual health and immortality. This power is the power of life and growth to all who know and obey its law. Only to those who disobey it is it the instrument of death and destruction.

Give a great deal of thought to the ideas of dissolution and change. Learn to welcome change and overcome fear of it. The future holds what you have earned, in conformity with past action, and patterns you are now making.

Welcome it with a smile!

Nev Bentley

Nev is a registered clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Trainer, Master Time Line Therapy® Trainer, and Hypnotherapy Trainer. Heading through his childhood and early adulthood as undiagnosed aspergers, he struggled through the adversities and finally found the healing he needed through NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnotherapy. One of his favourite sayings is, "All magic is in the will!"