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Emotional Freedom: Graduate Clair Fawcett Reports On The 7-Day NLP Course

I had seen a post on facebook here and there spouting on about NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnotherapy, raving about how it just turned peoples lives around. Quote: ‘They could see life brighter’. My first thought was scepticism... and I pressed a little negative attitude at the thought of it being that ‘EASY’. It had to be some sort of a CULT!

A little about me... I have jumped from career to career until becoming a personal trainer, always wanting to help others some how and at this point I had already gone through a pretty big fitness transformation so I figured that this would be my next step. Growing up I was a shy girl, kind and caring to others, wanting to be friends with everyone but not really being friends with anyone. I found it hard to be accepted how I was. So then, I created "her," what I like to call... ‘Confident Cocky Clair;’ my alter ego. The girl everyone liked - unless you got in her way! Then you did not really exist. I had an interesting upbringing to say the least and I could go on and on about how I became further angry and confused but the thing is, I was just that.

Most people would say I had a fairly level head and would have a kind word to say about me, but my inner chatter was heavily judgemental and negative to one person: ME. I would find myself having out-bursts and breakdowns from the stresses of life, or even just wondering what people really thought of me. Seriously, my conscious mind couldn’t have been any more brutal. Until a co-worker, that sported a seemingly similar jacket of scepticism as I did, completed the 7 day NLP course and returned to work looking 10 years younger. It was like all of the worries and stresses of his life had washed away. How was it possible that his outlook on life, his motivation and drive had actually changed for the better? HMMMMMMM…

Anyway... a fact you don’t know, is that I have known Nev Bentley for around 4 years as I have worked at the gym he attends regularly, not that I really knew him but rather sat and thought, ‘god that guy is kind of just a bit bloody weird.’ But the next time I saw Nev, I had the urge to know more, asking him on the spot, what about this course of yours? And a very short conversation later, he had me, a very negative self-sabotaging woman saying, ‘yep, when and where?’


I walked in the first day and sat across the table from 5 other women. We were all mind screwed after the first day…. Asking ourselves, how am I ever going to remember? How am I ever going to keep up? Eventually by the end of the last day we were all so deeply entrenched understanding more and more. We learnt many things but a real highlight for me was hypnotherapy. I had never been hypnotised in my life… but all of a sudden I found myself hypnotised 24/7 in the presence of Nev… (NOT AS WEIRD AS IT SOUNDS!) I am one of the lucky people in the world that can achieve a full arm catalepsy in hypnotherapy. For days after I found myself getting an overwhelming bubbling happy feeling floating up my chest in to my throat leaving me making a slightly suggestive whimper of happiness. Turns out Nev put in a suggestion to us whilst being hypnotised that every time we saw the colour red, we would get an over whelming feeling of love and happiness. Well he certainly achieved that!

I told Nev the reason why I wanted to do the course was to continue to help my clients achieve their goals. In part this was true but really I wanted to find that feeling that my co-worker had dripping off him: HAPPINESS. I wanted to find it within myself and I did. After finishing the 7 day course my day to day language changed and I can see it transferring in to my loved ones. This course won’t be what you think it is, and it will be more than what you could ask for. I have freedom from holding on to negative emotions, that would normally hold me back and normally lead me to failure. I have freedom from other peoples negativity and I reconnected with my inner self. I literally know that I can have everything (HAPPINESS) I have ever wanted. I feel more at peace then ever. Practising and living this life style will challenge you but you will grow to understand that you are capable and that you can be a cause in your own life.

Live Well

Clair Fawcett

Clair is now a qualified NLP Practitioner, NLP Coach, Time Line Therapy® Practitioner and Hypnotherapist. She works full time as a personal trainer at Anytime Fitness.

Successful in body building and bikini competitions, she now understands the intricate nature of the mind-body connection.

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