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CHANGE: Is it difficult? Ever tried to change, only to be disappointed a short while later?

Change Begins In The Unconscious Mind

Even with the wealth of information available to us at the touch of a button, people are finding it harder than ever to change. We are living in an Information Age, but my opinion is that it's causing people to suffer from "paralysis by analysis."

I wonder how much people STOP these days... just to think. Have a minute to themselves. And actually, do you ever get the impression that almost no-one is happy where they are at in life? My Facebook feed seems to be flooded with personal development lingo that I'm starting to wonder... is this getting old now? Are all these people pedalling personal development actually happy themselves? Well... here's the truth about change.

You need to enrich your environment

One thing you must look at is your environment. Environment has everything to do with how you thrive - this has been scientifically proven in the book "Biology Of Belief." I tell some of my clients on a regular basis - "I think there are many areas of your life you need to change!" Environment can mean many things, like who do you live with? Is your geographic location realistically placed for the results you're looking for? How about your friendship groups?

Sadly, many people are holding onto relationships and friendships that just don't serve them. Changing your life can take a lot of courage - especially to break apart long-standing friendships or relationships. I like to use this metaphor for explaining environment...

Imagine the neurology of your body is a teacup. Imagine that the tea inside the cup is the content in your life; thoughts, feelings, emotions. Then imagine everything outside the teacup is environment; your house, geographic location, friends, relationship partner, family. Now, imagine that you have a really hot cup of tea, and you stick it out in the snow. First, the icy cold snow (environment) will impact the outside of the cup first (your neurology). Leave it out there long enough, it will penetrate through the walls of the cup (your neurology) and impact the contests (your thoughts, feelings, emotions). Before long you will have a freezing cold cup of tea!

Your Evidence Procedure

Next is your evidence procedure. What's that? How will you know when you've got what you wanted? If you're on some kind of personal growth expedition, you will want to know you've made it. How will you know? You know, some people know they've bought a new car when they've made the decision to buy a new car. Others know they've bought a new car only when they're driving out of the dealership.

You also need to be very specific with what you want. If you send an email to someone with the letters of the alphabet all jumbled up, and ask the recipient to organise the letters to make something sensical, you're not going to have much luck. Unconscious Minds THRIVE of specificity. Conscious Minds have trouble on deciding what they truly want, we tend to want everything! This is where the creative process truly comes into its own. When you make your fantasy a fact, you'll be in a position to build bigger and better fantasies. You just have to choose something that is on the right path towards what you want.

Clearing up the past

It's hard to move forward when you're carrying two Holden Commodores on your shoulders! Unresolved past events and the emotions attached to them can drag you back. Even if you have tried everything before to solve things - we suggest you give Time Line Therapy a go. We've found it's the quickest, and most effective way to keep your memories and remove the emotions attached to them. After the Time Line Therapy process, they will seem like a lifetime ago. Some people say it's like it never even happened to them. It's also effective in letting go of your limiting beliefs of yourself. There's nothing worse than thinking you "can't" do something!

Faith, Resilience, Will-Power

The road can feel rough, right? Putting a goal in your future will be sure to put opponents in your way. You will be tested many times before being crowned with final victory. Remember - there's no such thing as chance in life. You will be tested right to the very core of who you are - to the point where giving up might seem like the only option. But it's not the right option. Dealing with the opponents provides you with the learnings needed to be able to handle the victory at the end. This is why winning the lottery ruins most peoples lives. Money is just energy. Winning the lottery is like being struck by lightening - people can't handle that much energy at once. This is an interesting article to read (click here). Remember, will-power isn't something you don't have. It's something you already have, it's just waiting to be exercised. If you're one of the many who bark - "I have no will-power!" I suggest you be honest and just say - "I am lazy!" Having no will-power is just a convenient excuse.

Focus on what you want

It should go without saying that, dwelling on the opposite to what you want can't bring you exactly what it is you want. This is otherwise known as the law of attraction. Wallace Wattles describes it like this... "Dwelling on what you want, clearly in your mind, will bring into form from the formless, by way of the power of your mind." You'll find ultra successful people have a way of always thinking about what they want, rather than what they don't want.

Do you want to lose weight? Visualise yourself constantly as the best, most healthiest version of yourself. DO NOT say "I don't want to be fat". That's dwelling on what you don't want. If you want to lose weight, but constantly say "I don't want to be fat," if you're thinking fat in any context, that's what life is going to serve you.


Even if you're using hypnotherapy, don't expect overnight results. Unfortunately, the quick results are reserved for about 20% of the population. That means most of us (including me), will have to be patient. 3 years down the track and I'm using hypnosis on an almost daily basis! I'm using my vision board daily. I do once-weekly calls with my business partner. The little bit of effort is worth it for the results and happy lifestyle. What if it took you 6 months, 1 year or 5 years to get what you truly want? Would it be worth it when you finally got there?

We also know from our study of values in NLP that any time anyone is put under stress, the unconscious mind will always resort back to the last completed values level. You see this often when people will return back to their comfortable full time job. "Stick to what you know," they'll say! It's easy to slide back into the grey zone. Persist, persist, persist. Embrace the uncomfortable platform known as the unknown.

Wishing you the best in your endeavours. Remember, quitting lasts forever!

Nev Bentley

Nev and GG aren't afraid to share the true nature of change. They don't sugar coat things; with real, raw and honest advice... you'll be sure to know what you're up against if you want to change your life.

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