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Bentley Wellness Features In SA LIFE Magazine (February Edition)

Moving Up In The World!

Grab your February copy of SA LIFE from the nearest newsagent. You'll find Bentley Wellness featured on Page 51.

SA LIFE celebrates “The best of Adelaide and South Australia”. Each month their editorial team scour the state for the most interesting characters, entertaining stories and picturesque places SA has to offer.

They are South Australia’s own publication, and their dedication to the state has not gone unrewarded as they are today the state’s biggest-selling lifestyle magazine. They are now in their 15th year of publication, thanks to the wonderful support of local businesses through their advertising commitments, and the strength of their readership and subscriber base.

Apart from a reach of approximately 50,000 each month, they have an ever- increasing online and social media presence, and they maintain regular contact with advertisers and subscribers to ensure a great read every month.

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