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Updated: May 21, 2019

Happy Up The World With Laughter!

Do you want to make a difference in the world?

Bentley Wellness is an approved training organisation with laughter yoga Australia to deliver trainings in laughter yoga. To become a certified laughter leader, you need to attend a fun filled 2-day workshop! As a winter special, we are offering our June training for half price $299 (down from the full price of $598). The date of the training is:

BAROSSA VALLEY, SA: June 29 & 30, 2019 (exact location will be given upon enrolment). Training times are 9am - 4pm.

SYDNEY, NSW: July 13 & 14, 2019 (exact location will be given upon enrolment). Training times are 9am - 4pm.

It is the perfect addition to an already established wellness business, or if you have a passion for making peoples lives better... then come along. There are no prerequisites or prior study needed to become qualified.

We delve into the science of laughter. We have a detailed look at what laughter is and what causes it. We will educate you on how to bring out the best in people, and how you can show them to elicit their belly laugh.

To lead a community-based social laughter club or to run laughter sessions for your school or workplace, you need to do the 2-day Certified Laughter Yoga Leader program.

The Certified Laughter Yoga Leader course is probably the most fun training you’ll ever enrol in. There’s some theory involved—the history, concept, philosophy and techniques—and there’s a lot of practice: you learn at least 40 basic laughs over 2 days.

Importantly, you also acquire basic facilitation skills to enable you to competently lead a group of people in laughter exercises and laughter meditation.

What is Laughter Yoga?

Let’s start with what Laughter Yoga is not! It has nothing to do with being a stand-up comedian who aces Open Mic nights at the local pub.

In fact, Laughter Yoga doesn’t rely on humour or jokes at all.

And it has nothing to do with bending yourself into a pretzel shape.

Now that we’ve got that sorted, let’s explain what Laughter Yoga is.

Laughter Yoga is a fun and effective exercise program that can be adapted for anyone and everyone’s wellbeing.

This training is delivered by Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher, Neville Bentley.

We’ve all heard the saying that laughter is good medicine…

Back in 1995, an Indian physician called Dr Madan Kataria brought together the deep cleansing breaths of yoga with playful exercises that simulated laughter. He called it Laughter Yoga. Practised in a group, with good eye contact, Dr Kataria found that laughter soon became natural and real. He also found that when hearty belly laughs were sustained for a period of around 20 minutes (interspersed with the deep breaths), amazing health benefits were enjoyed that have since been scientifically proven.

From a handful of people at the first session in Mumbai, Laughter Yoga is now practised in more than 110 countries worldwide. Australians have been laughing for wellness through Laughter Yoga since 2003.

In practising Laughter Yoga, you learn to be less stressed and more playful.

You learn to look on the brighter, lighter side of life – even when facing challenges.

5 reasons to love Laughter Yoga

Good Mood and More Laughter. Laughter Yoga helps to change your mood within minutes. You will remain cheerful and in a good mood throughout the day and will find yourself laughing more usual.Healthy Exercise to Beat Stress. Laughter Yoga is a gentle aerobic exercise which brings more oxygen to the body and brain, making you feel more energetic and relaxed. Health Benefits. Laughter Yoga reduces the stress and strengthens the immune system. You will not fall sick easily and if you have some chronic health conditions, you will heal faster. Quality of Life. Laughter is a positive energy which helps people to connect with other people quickly and improves relationships. If you laugh more, you will attract many friends. Positive Attitude in Challenging Times. Everyone can laugh when life is good, but how do you laugh when faced with challenges? Laughter Yoga helps create a positive mental state to deal with negative situations and negative people. It gives hope and optimism to cope with difficult times.

Laughter Yoga Benefits

The benefits of Laughter Yoga are far-ranging.

Ultimately the benefits fall into 3 categories:

Physical health, Psychological health, Social wellbeing.

For individuals, Laughter Yoga’s benefits can be life-changing


Businesses and organisations that support Laughter Yoga create happier, healthier hubs of humanity.

Let’s look at the key benefits.

1. Physical Health

Laughter Yoga is a gentle, yet powerfully effective, cardio workout that:

increases blood circulationreduces blood pressurestrengthens the immune systemrelaxes musclesenergises body and brain.

2. Psychological Health

Mood plays a big part in determining your quality of life. Laughter Yoga has the power to change your mood within minutes by releasing ‘happy hormones’ called endorphins. You feel the benefits from the very first session.

The playfulness of Laughter Yoga also can help reset your outlook on life. Through Laughter Yoga, you can learn to cope better with negative situations, difficult people or upsetting circumstances.

In this way, Laughter Yoga is an extremely effective stress-buster — did you know the World Health Organisation rates stress the #1 epidemic of the 21st century? — and can offer positive complementary therapy for people suffering from depression or anxiety.

3. Social Wellbeing

Laughter is a universal language that connects people.

Workplaces, organisations and communities that practise Laughter Yoga are emotionally resilient, emotionally intelligent, caring, sharing and appreciative networks of people.

Here are some of the places in which Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders run sessions to share the joy of Laughter Yoga:


aged care centres


yoga studios

centres supporting people with disability

mental health facilities

neighbourhood centres

laughter clubs — free community-based social sessions

If you would like to enrol, please email or phone 0450 907 727.

Kind Regards


At Bentley Wellness, we love to laugh. Become qualified.

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