Nev Bentley: Pessimism and Scepticism

One thing you can be sure of in this business, is the words pessimism and scepticism come up a lot. The phone rings, someone is desperate for change and wants help... "But I'm quite the sceptic!" are the words that usually follow. Pessimism is defined as "a tendency to see the worst aspect of things or believe that the worst will happen." Scepticism is defined as "an attitude; doubt as to the truth of something." What do these words really mean? And why on earth are people op

GG Frantz: Reporting On Change

CHANGEMAKERS IN LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT Why do we need more Changemakers in Leadership & Management than ever before? What is a Changemaker? What does it take to be a Changemaker? Would you not agree that all of us live in an increasingly fast and every changing globalised interconnected world? A world where many of the jobs of today will be obsolete tomorrow. A world where we need to equip ourselves and our children to gain the skills and confidence to deal with some of the